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Eyes down it's Bingo Revolution!

Dabbers out, eyes down, there’s a new party in town Sunderland!

Turns out your gran was right all along, bingo is actually fun! (Well, it is now anyway!)

But this ain’t no gala, and it’s far from foxy! We’re joining the revolution and everyone’s invited.

The guys at Bingo Revolution have taken the old school family favourite, thrown in a hell of a party, a whole load of beer, and roped in our good pals over at Fat Hippo to provide their bangin’ burgers.

Wrap that up with a whole load of prizes to be won, and a sprinkle of Matt Reed hosting the debauchery, this is not one to be missed!

Tickets available online here.

Or for a chance to win all of this for free, head here!

Be quick mind, we’re expecting a full house.

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