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Wedding Planning: Our guide to choosing the perfect wedding flowers for your special day

When it comes to planning your wedding day, what kind of flowers to have are usually pretty high on everyone's list. Whether it's a spring / summer wedding you're planning, or an autumn / winter one, our wedding planners have put together some tips on how to find the perfect florals for your big day.
1. Consider your budget
The word none of us like to hear when we're planning our dream wedding! But budgets are important - especially when it comes to the little details of your wedding. Work out how much you're happy to spend and what blooms are going to fit into your budget! If you're considering something like peonies, you'll have to bear in mind that due to their popularity and relatively short season, they'll probably come with a premium price tag!
2. Research seasonal flowers
Although we live in a world where we can get most things (fruit, veg and flowers!) any time of year, depending on when you're planning your wedding, you'll need to bear in mind that your flower of choice might not be in bloom! Spend a little time researching what season your favourites belong to. That way, you'll avoid any disappointment when it comes to putting together your perfect bouquet.
3. Always keep your theme in mind
It's easy to get distracted by beautiful bold colours, but here's where your wedding theme will really come into play! Don't just consider your colour palette, think about what textures will work. If you're getting married in an industrial style wedding venue like Bonded Warehouse, then more minimal florals work really well. Think lots of greenery like eucalyptus and willow.

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