Say hello to 14 photographers!

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Say hello to 14 photographers!

About Bonded Warehouse

We believe in creating a wholly bespoke Wedding experience, from your venue to your stationary, all meticulously tailored to your dream day. From food to photos, we have lists of carefully selected, trusted suppliers that we use regularly and can recommend if you're still searching for the perfect fit.

We'd love to take the time to introduce you to some of our favourite North East wedding suppliers! Your wedding day is about you, your friends & family, fun, laughter, tears, and cake and this should all be documented so that you can look back on your day and relive all those key memories that you have - and all of the moments you missed! This week we caught up with the amazing 14 photographers who capture your day as it unfolds in front of them, and do it in their unique style.


Introducing, 14 photographers

Say hello to 14 photographers, a married couple who are North East wedding photographers based in Northumberland. They provide stylish wedding photography throughout the UK and worldwide. 

When you book 14 photographers, you get both Mark and Joanne - two talented North East wedding photographers who have worked/lived/breathed together for years. No unknown second shooters who fumble around, getting in the way and missing crucial moments. They are a unit, and work flawlessly together as one.

So guys, tell us a bit about your business, when you started and what inspired you?
We started shooting weddings almost 8 years ago - before that we mainly did commercial work and real estate photography until a friend asked us to shoot his wedding. We did, and quickly realised that shooting people was WAY more fun that houses, so we decided to focus solely on that.
What do you most enjoy about your job?
We love meeting new people and overcoming new challenges. No two weddings are the same, and thankfully our couples allow us to set our creative sides loose!
What makes you different and stand out in the wedding market?
We're a husband and wife team who have worked closely together for years. We've developed a kind of intuition between us so we know what each other will do before we even do it. This means that the usual learning curve that exists between a primary and secondary photographer doesn't exist with us.
Tell us a wedding trend you’re loving this year!
Not a trend as such, but we've shot a few weddings in the past year where our couples have brought along their pets. And animals are awesome. More pets please.
What’s your favourite thing about Bonded Warehouse?
Aside from the stunning ceremony room, we love that there are so many interesting areas that we can get creative with - and there are some amazing outdoor locations right on the doorstep.


Describe your style in 3 words.

Creative, relaxed and natural.

What’s your funniest wedding story?

We were shooting a wedding at a church in Newcastle and the couple had arranged for an owl to deliver the rings to the best man. When the time came, the owl was set free and flew gracefully to the altar, but instead of landing on the best man's arm as planned, it decided to do a runner with the rings. It flew around the church for a while before sitting near a high window (for what seemed like an eternity). It eventually came down and did the deed, but only when it decided it was time. Who knew that owls could be divas?

If you could work with any celebrity on their wedding, who would it be?

We're both big fans of the band Idles. So we'd love to shoot one of their weddings. The evening entertainment would be unbelievable!


We are proud to offer 14 photographers as one of our recommended suppliers!

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