Supplier Showcase: Songbird Films

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Supplier Showcase: Songbird Films

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We believe in creating a wholly bespoke Wedding experience, from your venue to your wedding film, all meticulously tailored to your dream day. From food to photos, we have lists of carefully selected, trusted suppliers that we use regularly and can recommend if you're still searching for the perfect fit.

We'd love to take the time to introduce you to some of our favourite North East wedding suppliers! Stories can be told perfectly through film, and what better way to do this than by capturing the real emotions and love story of two people on their wedding day. This week we caught up with the incredible Songbird Films who can help you relive these moments again and again through film so it's never forgotten.

Introducing, Songbird Films

Say hello to Kerry Todd, the face behind the camera of Songbird Films. Kerry is a wedding videographer based in the North East of England who creates videos of your special day for you and your family to treasure and cherish forever. Kerry turned her passion for videography into a career when she officially started Songbird Films in 2018. 

So Kerry, please tell us a bit about your business, when you started and what inspired you?


Film making and editing has been a passion of mine for a very long time. In my spare time I am constantly making films of my children, family days out and holidays. So much so, that everyone now just expects a video made whenever they go anywhere with me.


After I filmed my first wedding for a friend, I became hooked.  I love to tell a story through film, and what better way to do this than by capturing the real emotions and love story of two people on their wedding day. I love the fact that you can relive moments again and again through film and its never forgotten.


Since the first wedding I filmed, I have been continuously building my skills and experience. I have been fortunate enough to train and attend work shops with other experienced videographers who specialise in wedding videography. It was a wonderful feeling to finally turn my passion into a career when I started Songbird Films. 


What do you most enjoy about your job?


In all honesty, it’s quite hard to pick what I enjoy best about it. I love getting to know the couple, how they met and supporting them on their special day, through the nerves and the laughter. I love taking all the footage home and creating them a personalised film. It is hours and hours of footage but I really do enjoy the editing process. It's an amazing feeling once all the films are finished and I can give the couple something that I know they are going to treasure forever. 



Tell us a wedding trend you’re loving this year!


I love anything that is DIY and created by the bride or groom. I filmed a wedding and the groom had made the doughnut stand, it looked amazing. Also, at another wedding at Bonded Warehouse, before the wedding the couple had got all the guests to draw a picture of themselves and send it back to them. This was then all put together by the bride and groom and was printed onto a tea towel as a favour for the guests. Just like you used to do at primary school!  It was such a good idea and I loved filming all the guests looking at their tea towels with pictures on that they had drawn. 


What’s your favourite thing about Bonded Warehouse?


Oooohhh it has to be the fairy lights, and the brick walls. Such a beautiful room upstairs. Looks amazing on film! And also the staff, they are so helpful when I film there; they are very organised, letting me know when the bride and groom were arriving and helping me out throughout the day. 



Describe your style in 3 words.


Discrete, emotive and fun.


What’s your funniest wedding story?

Again, this was at Bonded Warehouse. The bride and groom couldn’t cut the cake. They were using their knife as a saw trying to saw it and it still couldn’t cut. I think the top tier of the cake was not cake and just for show. After a few of the guests had suggested it they took the top tier off and managed to cut the cake. Finally, they had a slice of cake and then the bride pushed it into the grooms face! I’ve been having a giggle over that part whilst editing. 


We are proud to offer Songbird Films as one of our recommended suppliers. You can watch their video of Rich and Bex's wedding at Bonded here.

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