Wedding Planning: Five Secrets For Perfect Wedding Hair

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Wedding Planning: Five secrets for perfect wedding hair from our wedding planners

When it comes to your wedding day, it's no secret that any bride wants to ensure her mane looks its absolute best before her nuptials. Whether you prefer a more relaxed, natural do, or more of an up-do before your I Do's, there are secrets to ensure your look is perfect. So we asked our wedding planners to share their tips for perfect wedding hair.
1. Start with the dress
It sounds like such a simple tip, but starting with the dress is key to creating a perfectly polished complete bridal look. Most brides head straight to Pinterest for wedding hair inspiration, but before you start pinning loose mermaid waves or flower crowns, stop and think. What style of dress have you gone for and what would complement it perfectly. If you've gone for a more vintage inspired piece, then maybe a classically glamorous look will be best suited. If you have a backless, or beautifully embellished back, then your best option would be to look at pinned up styles to show off the detailing. Usually the dress is the showstopper, so always let it speak first!
2. Consider your hair's length and nature
It's so easy to be seduced by beautiful images of thick natural looking waves or chunky plaits adorned with flowers. Trust us, we've all been there! But take the time to be realistic about your hair's natural qualities. Unless you're going to enhance it with extensions, then brides with finer hair, you need to be honest with yourself about what sort of look you'll be able to achieve. Better to look for a style that looks like it would work with your hair's natural texture. That way you'll avoid the disappointment of not being able to recreate the look you're after!
3. Be true to your style
Sure you want to look like the best version of yourself, but you want to make sure that you feel comfortable on your wedding day. So if you don't usually wear your hair pinned up, think hard if this is the look you really want to go for. While you want to pick a style that suits your dress and feels special, you always need to stay true to yourself and feel beautiful. A bride who feels confident in her wedding day look is always going to glow more than if you're feeling unsure about your up-do!
4. Plan ahead with your hairdresser
Whether you're headed to a salon, your hairdresser is coming to you or you're doing it yourself, planning ahead is key! Always make sure you've tried your style out before the big day. Firstly to make sure it works (and looks great with your dress). Secondly to make sure that you feel comfortable with it and that it suits you. Our advice would be to have a couple of trial runs with different styles so that you can see which style works best (and feels most like you). Have a couple of ideas for your inspiration in mind, but if you're working with a hairdresser, let them be a bit creative. Chances are, if they've known you for a long time, they'll know what will work for your face shape!
5. Consider your accessories carefully
To veil or not to veil? It's a bride's prerogative whether she goes for one or not. But if you are opting for a veil, either in a traditional or more contemporary style, make sure that it works with your hair. Take along your veil (or any accessories you think you might want to have pinned for the day) and see how they work with the style you've chosen. It's far better to know that your particular style won't work with your chosen accessories before your big day so you can rethink it accordingly.

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